Who iAiAOH! is?


Experience, respect for nature, Made in Italy: these are the keywords of our company, Witt Italia. For over forty years our organization has devoted itself, using natural methods, to personal wellbeing and the formulation and creation of safe, ecological products for care, beauty and hygiene of people and their environments. 

We are a successful company, having achieved major objectives with daily enthusiasm and  dedication. But it's also down to having the courage to face new challenges. Such as iAiAOH!, our new brand for a range of natural products for the wellbeing and care of our animal friends.

iAiAOH! was born out of a question: why not make our experience and expertise available to the wellbeing of our dogs, cats and horses, to help them live even more in tune with nature? This was the origin of the idea underlying the iAiAOH! products.

And what other name could we choose, if not the famous jingle from Old Macdonald's Farm? We are sure it's a name that our four-legged friends, of all sizes, will love!!This was the origin of the idea underlying the iAiAOH! products.


What is iAiAOH!




iAiAOH! is a range of products derived from active ingredients of vegetable origin, OGM-free: we take the best from nature, without upsetting it!





iAiAOH! is a range of products Made in Italy, formulated and produced only at our factory in Poirino, amidst the wonderful countryside of Piedmont.






iAiAOH! is a 100% Vegan range; meaning that the raw materials themselves used in our products are of vegetable, not animal, origin. If an iAiAOH! product is not 100% Vegan, it's only because it contains ingredients produced in nature by animals, such as propolis or beeswax.





iAiAOH! as a range has been tested on humans. A product range for animals could never have exploited testing on animals. The "guinea pigs" in this case are two-legged, not four!



iAiAOH! is a trade mark of Witt Italia S.p.A, distributed by Abiovet S.r.l.